LYFT Tobacco-Free Premium Quality Nicotine Pouch:

Lyft nicotine pouches are completely tobacco free and instead focuses on their characteristic tastes and a clear nicotine experience. In addition to popular mint flavors you will find refreshing flavors of for example wintergreen, caribbean spirit and licorice in the range. Lyft nicotine pouches is an innovation that has become extremely popular, which also comes in a really nice can.

Lyft Nicopods

There are many reasons why the tobacco free nicotine pouches have become so popular.

Transition of EPOK Snus To LYFT:

BAT startted its Tobacco-Free journey by 2014. In this year they created EPOK, the all-white snus. Yes, EPOK is the Snus in white color. In 2017, Winnington AB was acquired by British American Tobacco (BAT), which is the world's second largest tobacco company after Philip Morris. The acquisition gave BAT the brands Real White, Kick-up and Epok in their product portfolio. The predecessor to Lyft nicotine pouches was called Epok snus and contained white tobacco, or white snus as it is also called. It was the Swedish company Winnington AB that launched the white snus in 2015 under the name Epok. This was the biggest innovation in the snus market since the launch of white portion snus in the late 1990s. White tobacco is produced by a water-based process where the tobacco is purified and gets its white color. The product was later remade and the tobacco was removed so that the pouches became completely tobacco-free, and they got name Lyft nicotine pouches.

Is LYFT Nicotine Pouch Safeful Alternatives To Smoking

Lyft nicotine pouches is a product that has been proven contain less harmful substances compared to cigarettes. Nicotine pouches as these satisfies your cravings for nicotine without putting you through the health risks that both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco do. This is why many users has chosen to use Lyft nicotine pouches when they have stopped smoking, and has succeded because of this.

How To Use Velo Snus? or Lyft

It's Very Easy to Use Velo Snus or Lyft, take the following steps:

Popular LYFT Items For Selling From EU.

LYFT Just Bloom - Slim
  • LYFT Just Bloom adds Sweet, taste, tart crispy taste of Apple Cider 🧉 Bevarage.

  • LYFT Just Bloom.

  • Taste: Apple Cider.
  • Strength: 10 mg/pouch.
  • Format: Slim.
  • Purchasing Quantity: 1 cans, 10 cans (1 Roll).
Lyft Cool Eucalyptus X-Strong  Slim
  • Lyft Cool Eucalyptus X-Strong Slim – Let's enjoy the big tree flavor & the touch of Eucalyptus 🌿 & Pine tone 🌲.

  • LYFT Eucalyptus X Strong

  • Taste: Eucalyptus & Pine.
  • Strength: 10 mg/pouch.
  • Pouch Size: Slim.
  • Packet contain: 1 cans, 10 cans (1 Roll).

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